Ashwell Karate Club

The T.S.K.A.G.B. Baldock & Ashwell Karate Club is run by Sensei Dhillon who is a 2nd Dan Shotokan karate instructor
and has been trained since 1995 under chief instructor
Sensei Hazelwood. Karate is considered both self-defence
and a sport making it ideal for men, women and children of all ages (5 to 65).

Gradings: Physical examination from a set Shotokan Karate syllabus.

Annual Tournaments: Held against other clubs and your
chance to win trophies.

Benifits: This ancient martial art that can develop your self-defence, concentration, confidence, fitness, friendship, self-discipline.

Classes: Every Sunday

Times: Beginners to Green belt – 10:30am to 11:30am.

Progress: Weekly motivational merit award system, annual trophy for Student of the Year.

Junior Achievement Programme (J.A.P): A voluntary character building activity linking community, home, school achievement rewarded by diplomas and merit badges.

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